Love God & Do What You Want

Co-written by Amanda & Mark

lovegodOne of the most freeing pieces of advice my father ever gave me was “Love God and do what you want.” At first I was taken aback by its almost jarring simplicity. And it certainly didn’t sound anything like the “super spiritual” words of guidance you hear from most preachers.

But as he went on to explain this revelation that had been so liberating for him and eliminated so much stress and worry in his own life, I realized he was right. Psalm 37:4 tells us to delight in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart. The best possible way for that to happen is for God’s desires to become our own. And as we love God more and more (delight in Him), that is exactly what happens. His desires for our lives become our desires. And do you know what else I’ve realized? (Read more…)

Is It a Mistake to Apply New Covenant Principles to Civil Government?


This is a very important question in our current political/religious climate. Nearly everyone I know feels this current political season is one of the strangest we have ever experienced. I believe the New Testament clearly gives us answers from a time when the government the early believers lived under, Rome, was extremely hostile to them.

Firstly – The New Testament contains no teaching about how a civil government should conduct itself. Jesus and the apostles taught about the Kingdom of God; not about civil kingdoms. The New Covenant Kingdom of God cannot be governed by any man made laws because the King lives and rules within the heart of each “citizen” and there is no land or territory to rule over outside of the human heart. One day the whole earth will be His literal territory and He will literally rule it. We cannot apply the teachings of Jesus to how a civil government should act in this present age, since we know Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Are there right principles in the New Testament that would be good for all people to live by? (Read More…)

Aaron & Amanda’s Miraculous New Arrival!

The very thing once thought to be an impossibility when Amanda’s health was at it’s worst has arrived – and it’s a girl! For a message from Amanda and more pictures and details about their sweet baby girl, Alli, click here.


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