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August 26, 1920

On this date, American women were finally given the right to vote; after thousands of years of nearly universal belief that females were genetically inferior to males and not mentally fit to vote.

Aristotle, Plato, Josephus, Saint Jerome, Martin Luther and John Calvin all believed women were genetically inferior and incapable of rational thought.

Did Jesus believe that? What about Paul?

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New Blog: We Are Not Warriors in God’s Army

By Mark Drake













I deeply desire to be a believer who “thinks, meditates, and rolls His Word over and over in my mind.” So I was surprised when I first realized that nowhere in the New Testament is the Church referred to as God’s Army…never. We are called the Body, family, His building, Church, Bride, etc. But never His army. The angels are called His army but not us. He is the Lord of hosts (angelic armies).

The battle that eternally matters has been won. Jesus declared “It is finish” and embarrassed our adversary by complete defeat through His death and resurrection.

The Eph 6 reference to armor talks about our “struggle” against spiritual powers but it concludes with the purpose of our armor “…so you can stand.” Stand, not fight. Each piece of armor refers to what we must believe about Him and what He has done for and in us. (Read more)

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Aaron & Amanda’s Miraculous New Arrival!

The very thing once thought to be an impossibility when Amanda’s health was at it’s worst has arrived – and it’s a girl! For a message from Amanda and more pictures and details about their sweet baby girl, Alli, click here.





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