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Investing In Leaders Who Are Helping Change The Way People See God




You can share in the fruit as we teach True Grace, Train Leaders and Give Aid to some of the world’s most hurting people…

  • from the jungles
  • to the barrios
  • to the slums
  • to the world’s major cities.

We are training leaders to minister the message of New Covenant Grace in places where the Kingdom of God is exploding!

“What we do is fairly unique.  With your help, we are able to pay all our own expenses to go to hurting, hungry people throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia; and you help us send thousands of free books, DVDs and CDs when we can’t go.  When you join with us, you have “seed of true grace” being sown throughout the world.”

Free Monthly Teaching Resources and Partner Newsletter

We want you to keep growing in grace, so we will send you free quarterly teaching CDs and offer you substantial discounts on all our new books, DVDs and CDs. As a monthly partner, you will receive a newsletter each month telling you where we are and what we are accomplishing together.  We pray for each of you as you pray for us!

We began as leaders in the early days of the “Jesus Movement”.









Our teaching is impacting leaders in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America, South America and Australia.

If you have begun experiencing freedom from fear, shame and condemnation through our ministry, please pray about helping others experience the same freedom by becoming a monthly partner with us.

How We Handle Your Money

We are deeply indebted to all who sow their hard-earned money into our lives and ministry.  Your generosity and belief in our mission, message and methods are what enable us to accomplish all we do around the world.

  • We have chosen to live a modest lifestyle.
  • We feel no need to “prove our faith” by living extravagantly, nor do we believe that’s what the Bible teaches.
  • We don’t believe God’s people must be poor in order to be holy. On the contrary, we believe God wants to provide for His people, according to His purpose for each individual.
  • But we also believe the Bible teaches a lifestyle of wise moderation so we can all give generously and sacrificially.  And we believe we must be faithful with the money people freely contribute to us.
  • We have chosen to not build an office or a large, paid organization.
  • To keep our expenses at a minimum, Linda and I do most of the work ourselves, we have a few volunteers, our family helps and we hire some contract work that’s beyond our ability.  Linda makes all our travel arrangements and she has become an expert on getting the very best deals.
  • We always book the least expensive airfare available and we have never paid for anything other than lowest economy class.  We book all hotel rooms and rental cars through Priceline and related companies, so we pay 50-75% less than other travelers.

This saves us large amounts of money and allows to us to do more and give more.

  • We keep our costs down so we can minister in places many others can’t or don’t go.
  • Our home/office in St. Louis is a 1400 sq. ft. home in a very middle-class neighborhood.  For 9 years, we lived constantly on the road in a different bed nearly every night with no home at all, so we are deeply grateful for what we have.

We don’t live this way because we are so noble or “holy”, but because we believe this is what the Lord wants for us; and we want to be able to give away as much as possible.  We have frontline missionaries and leaders around the world who count on us for support and resources.

  • We don’t hire fund-raising companies or purchase donor lists for solicitation.
  • We do not use manipulation to prey on good people’s compassion.
  • We don’t make unscriptural promises of quick riches if you give to our ministry.
  • We try to honestly share the needs and opportunities, and trust you to do what’s right for you, knowing that God will provide for you…and for us.











We are sharing this with you because we desire to be transparent with our partners and donors.

We know you sacrifice to give to our ministry and we want you to know your money is being used honorably.  MDM, Inc. is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization and is accountable to a non-paid board of directors and pastoral oversight.

The church in America is at risk of losing its non-profit tax exemption because of the recent scandals and embarrassing abuses, especially among charismatic ministries.

We feel that for us to live a lavish lifestyle does not reflect the humility and generosity of the Lord or the early disciples; and it would bring more dishonor upon true Christianity.  We do not condemn others for their financial choices but we do want to honestly judge our own choices.

Mark & Linda