Mark & Linda Drake

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The “Jesus People” Movement

Mark never planned to be church leader. He came to Christ in the late 1960s as a young hippie playing in a regional rock band. Within a matter of months, hundreds of young people came to the Lord.

Most churches couldn’t understand what was happening to these radical young people and, because of his passionate study of the Bible, Mark found himself as a leader in a new, emerging movement. Over the next few years, he and Linda founded a live-in ministry training school and regularly took busloads of young people around the country to evangelize college campuses, city parks and California beaches.

In the 1970s, Mark was a featured conference speaker to large groups of Catholics and mainline denominational people seeking a deeper experience with the Holy Spirit.  While planting and overseeing churches, he ministered across the nation and in several other countries.

Business Success

In 1980, while pastoring with a successful church, Mark joined with a friend and founded a consulting business where he taught business owners and managers strategic planning, selling with integrity and managing people more effectively.

In 1990, INC. Magazine rated their company as the largest of it’s kind in the world and a national speakers association named Mark “Speaker of the Year” several times and, finally, “Innovator of the Decade”. Leading over 300 hundred employees and mentoring more than 50 franchise owners has given Mark and Linda a unique view of the business world and the believers’ role in the marketplace.

Real World Crisis

In 1992, Mark began the most difficult season of his life. Everything that had seemed so prosperous now began falling apart.

With no reasonable explanation for this turn of events in his life, he began to sincerely question all he had come to believe and teach. Finally, in an attempt to walk in integrity, Mark resigned his ministry position. After more than 20 years of successful pastoral ministry and giving his whole life in service to others, he walked away from “full time” ministry, confused and searching.

Revival, But Not Revived

In 1994, he found himself in the midst of an historic, “earth-shaking” revival where thousands of lives were transformed.

But instead of being revived or renewed, depression and despair took over his life. For the next three long years, he did everything he knew to seek God but became more confused and critical of what was happening around him.


Then in 1997, when he had nearly lost all hope, the Holy Spirit fell on him in a dramatic, seventeen day encounter. The experience revolutionized the way he saw the nature and heart of the Father and the work of the Holy Spirit.

For the first time in nearly thirty years, he learned the meaning of true, biblical grace; Christ living through us so we can live in peace, rest and effortless fruitfulness.

The change was so dramatic, Mark and Linda gave up all they owned and began living on the road, traveling primarily to smaller churches throughout the country. For the next nine years, they lived in motels, traveling everyday of the year, helping leaders who labor with very few resources.

Mark’s Ministry Today

Today, Mark and Linda’s ministry helps to equip and empower leaders around the world. He regularly seeks out churches and leaders in crisis. He teaches leaders out of what he learned while drowning in depression and then, finally, being overtaken by mercy and true grace.

Mark and Linda have been married since 1971. They have raised three children, have several grandchildren and have helped raise several foster children. They have endeavored to never sacrifice their family on the “altar of ministry success” but to live life as a transparent example of making right decisions and repenting, without condemnation, when you don’t.