Mark’s Recommended Reading

Do you want to increase your ability to read the Bible with a true New Covenant perspective?

Sadly, much of the current Christian teaching/preaching is riddled with faith-stealing, confidence-destroying Old Covenant perspective, masquerading as truth. Many of the most popular books actually feed carnal, human effort and neutralize the transforming power of true grace, which is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

How do we remove destructive Old Covenant thinking from our minds?

Here are some great books that will help you do just that as you grow in True Grace and New Covenant faith.

A Word of Caution About Our Recommendations

We believe our life in Christ is a journey; a process of “growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18) Though we feel strongly about what we have come to believe, we do not set ourselves up as the final arbitrators of Biblical truth, especially in“nonessential beliefs”.

Please understand when we recommend a book by a particular author, that does not necessarily mean we endorse or agree with everything that particular author has written or taught. We strive to hold to the adage, “In essentials, unity.  In non essentials, liberty.  But in all things, love.”

Though we deeply appreciate the sincerity and dedication of men like Joseph Prince, Andrew Womack, Jim Richards and others who teach on the subjects of the transforming power of true grace, the reality of the indwelling Spirit of Christ and the unconditional love of God; we cannot endorse what we view as unhealthy teachings on prosperity and wealth, health and absolute divine healing, and the unlimited power of our words to create the reality we desire.

We must all learn to “examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good.” (1 Thess 5:21-22 NASB)  We are certainly never perfect in our understanding, but we seek to “…always be ready to explain it. But you must do this in a gentle and respectful way.” (1 Peter 3:15-16 NLT)

Silent Killers of Faith – Overcoming Legalism and Performance Based Religion
By Dr. Stephen Crosby

This is one of the absolute best books on training us to identify how the Old Covenant infects the way we read the Bible and corrupts our thinking.

It empowers us to renew our minds by showing us how religion, masquerading as truth, steals our peace and joy; and weakens our confidence in the work of “Christ in you, the hope of glory”.

Steve is one of the greatest New Covenant theologians alive today and I trust his teaching without reservation. Anything by Steve Crosby is worth you time, your effort and will be money well spent!

The Gospel of Peace – No More Shame, No More Fear
By Dr. James Richards

This book clearly and simple shows how the work of Christ through the cross has provided absolute peace between you and God. Your confidence with God will soar as you read it. Jim has written a powerful work yet it is very simply written and easy to understand. It is a great book for anyone but especially for someone who is just beginning to see how Old Covenant fear has corrupted almost all current charismatic teaching and preaching.

Grace, The Power to Change
By Dr. James Richards

This is one of the clearest books on the true meaning of grace. Jim goes step by step through Paul’s teaching and shows how the simplicity of true grace and it’s transforming power worked in the early believers and can do the same in us. Clearly written and easy to read.

The Pressure’s Off – There is a New Way to Live
By Larry Crabb

This book does a great job of clearly and simply showing that Christ offers us a truly New Way to live; not just a new way of forgiveness.

It also shows how destructive the current emphasis of “try harder and do better for Jesus” really is on the heart of people who are hungry to please God.

It gives step by step instruction, firmly rooted in the Word of God, on how to get out of fear and come into freedom…and be changed by His power. Very enjoyable reading.

Shattered Dreams – God’s Unexpected Pathway to Joy
By Larry Crabb

Would God shatter our dreams, frustrate our plans or nullify some of our hard work?

As Larry Crabb accurately shows, He did it throughout the Bible. Why would God do that? Because He is working a divine plan to help us come to desire Him above all other things; even seemly good things.

AND, it is all for our eternal good. This book is filled with true and biblical hope in the face of heartbreaking circumstances. It has been a tremendous help to us and our family as we have faced trials, tribulations and prayers that were not answered in the way we hoped.

God’s way is better but our humanistic way of looking at circumstances prevent us from reading the bible as it is simply written.

The Gospel Solution – Was Jesus Looking For a Few Good Men?
By Tom Weaver

This book does a great job of explaining that Jesus was ministering under the Old Covenant and preparing them to receive the New Covenant, by showing the absolute impossibility of pleasing God by keeping the Law…any law.

Most of His teaching was not meant to be guidelines for Christian living but to help them, and us, see that “with man these things are impossible but with God all things are possible”.

Jesus knew that God would “put away the first that He might bring the second” but faulty teaching has caused us to mix the two covenants and live in great confusion.

New Creation Prayer
By Dr. Stephen Crosby

A small book that does the best job I have ever found of explaining they way early believers prayed; what the prayed for and what they didn’t pray for. Steve has taken every prayer in the New Testament and simply explained what they did…and didn’t do.

Praise, Worship and the Presence of God – A Better Way to Worship: A New Covenant Perspective
By Dr. Stephen Crosby

I feel so strongly about the truths in this book that I wrote the back cover endorsement. This is different than any other book on praise and worship I have ever read.

And it will get Steve into more trouble than ever because it really goes after current charismatic “sacred cows”. The time. Money and effort expended on activities that have no basis in the New Testament are tragic to see and keep us from believing what Christ has already done for us. A must read!

Returning to the Simplicity of Spiritual Warfare

Much of the current teaching on spiritual warfare has gotten terribly complicated and is rooted in faulty application of Old Testament passages. These books will help us return to what worked in the New Testament.

It’s God’s War
By Judson Cornwall

An older book that may be hard to find but it is worth the search. Step by step, Judson shows how far we have strayed from what the early apostles believed and practiced…in the very heart of pagan practices and devotion to demon worship.

They got Kingdom results; lasting results. But they did it very differently than much of what we hear taught today…with very questionable results.

Satan Unmasked
By Dr. James Richards

Jim shows how the whole teaching about satan’s power and abilities has been grossly exaggerated. The scriptures clearly show the limit to our adversary’s power and how he perverts our thinking to see him as far more important than he actually is.

Jim shows how one day, as Isaiah said, we will look upon him and ask “How could one such as this make the nations tremble?”

Parenting in True Grace

Loving Our Kids On Purpose; Making a Heart-to-Heart Connection
By Danny Silk

I have looked for years to find a parenting book that came from a true, New Covenant perspective…and I finally found it. This is a great book for all of us because it teaches how God parents us in the New Covenant.

But it is especially good for parents who want to raise their children with a real understanding of the heart of the Father. Do you want to learn how to raise your children without the fear and threats that come from anger or frustration? This is the book for you. I loved it!

Women In The Church

Ten Lies The Church Has Told Women
By Lee Grady

Finally, a well respected, influential leader has decided to uncover the chauvinistic way the scripture has been twisted to keep women subservient to men. Paul’s teaching has been used very unfairly and Lee has finally put things straight to prove that Paul really meant it when he said “there is neither male nor female in Christ”.