CD Teaching Sets-

4 full length Cds in each set.

-Teaching about the Power of Grace the Unconditional Love of God and how to let Christ live IN and THROUGH us

Build an Unshakable Life

  1. Building an Unshakable Foundation
  2. Building Memorials for Remembrance
  3. Building a Faith History
  4. Building an Unstoppable Harvest
Changing From the Inside Out1-What is the New Covenant, Really?

2-The New Covenant is Grace

3-The Fruit of Grace

-The Sanctifying Power of the Spirit

Grace- The Unearned Power to Change- 1 1-The Truth about Grace

2-Our Only Security

3-Grace 101

4-Completely Grace

Grace- The Unearned Power to Change- 21-Accessing God’s Unearned Power

2-Crucified, Buried and Raised

3-The Keys- Faith and Humility

4-Faith and Focus

How God Feels about Me1-Draw Near or Draw Back-1

2-Draw Near or Draw Back-2

3-A Permanent Jubilee

4-The Real Battle of Faith

How to live without Disappointment1-You can Suffer Successfully

2-You can Endure by Seeing Destiny

3-You can Never be Disappointed

4-You can Stand on the Promisor

Learning What God is Really Like1-How to Become a Profitable Servant

2-Standing Firm in the Goodness of God

3-God’s Confidence in You

4-Watch and Pray- Understanding God’s Ways

Living in God’s Rest1-The Stronghold of Seeing God Wrong

2-Understanding the Ministry of Reconciliation

3-When Will I Become Perfect?

4-A Sabbath Lifestyle

Power of Christ’s Life In and Through Us1-God’s Brilliant Plan

2-Why the Cross must interpret all truth

3-Grace and Winning over Temptation

4-How we are made perfect

Sanctifying Power of the Spirit1-The Power

2-The Mystery

3-The Circumcision

4-The Source

Understanding Our Weaknesses1-Earthen Vessels Walking in the Light

2-How God sees Our Weaknesses

3-A Nature Like Ours

4-The Spirit of Slavery or Son-ship

Why God Must Run Us Out of Our Strength1- Why God Must Run Us Out of Our Strength #1

2- Why God Must Run Us Out of Our Strength #2

3- Why God Must Run Us Out of Our Strength #3

4- Why God Must Run Us Out of Our Strength #4

-Teaching about Spiritual Family, One to One Discipleship and the Importance of Relationships

Becoming Channels of the Spirit1-Equipping Us to be Channels-1

2-Equipping Us to be Channels- 2

3-Grace makes Us Trustworthy

4-Our Safety Net When Being Used as             a Channel

Being Discipled and Making Disciples1-Being Discipled

2-Making Disciples-1

3-Making Disciples-2

4-The Blessing of Correction

Building God’s House1-Fitted and Joined Together

2-A Covenant People

3-Every Joint Supplies

4-I Will Raise Up Shepherds

Growing God’s Sheep1-Bones and Breathe

2-Sheep without Shepherds

3-Healthy Sheep

4-Redefining of the Role of Pastors

Living in Spiritual Family1-Sowing into Spiritual Family

2-Relationships Worth Fighting For

3-Building and Caring for Spiritual Family

4-Covenant Friendship

Offense, Forgiveness and Freedom1-Joseph’s Journey into Forgiveness

2-Getting Free of Offense

3-Washing One Another

4-The Lord’s Supper- The Lord’s Body